Pet Supplies Plus Hacks: 10 Smart Ways to Save Big on Your Pet’s Essentials!

pet supplies plus

1. Membership Benefits: Unveiling the Power of Loyalty

Are you part of the Pet Supplies Plus loyalty program? If not, you are missing out on a treasure trove of savings! By joining their loyalty program, you can get exclusive discounts, special offers and even earn points on every purchase. These points can later be redeemed for significant savings, turning your pet-related expenses into exciting discounts.

2. Weekly Circular: Your Savings Blueprint

Stay updated with the latest deals and offers by regularly checking the Pet Supplies Plus weekly circular. This informative resource showcases ongoing promotions, discounts and limited time offers on a variety of pet essentials. Plan your purchases around these circulars to maximize your savings while meeting your pet’s needs.

3. Online Advantage: Virtual Discounts at Your Fingertips

In today’s digital age, the online arena offers endless opportunities to save on pet supplies. Pet Supplies Plus’ online platform often hosts special web-only deals, so be sure to browse their website for virtual discounts that may not be available in store. Additionally, subscribing to their newsletter can give you early access to upcoming promotions.

pet supplies plus

4. Bulk Buying Brilliance: Savings in Quantity

If your furry friend has a favorite type of food or treat, consider buying in bulk. Buying in bulk often comes with significant price reductions, helping you save in the long run. Remember, pet essentials like food, litter and some medications have long shelf lives, so stock up and enjoy the financial benefits.

5. DIY Grooming Delight: Spa Day at Home

Regular grooming is essential to your pet’s health and well-being, but frequent visits to a professional groomer can get expensive. Invest in grooming tools like brushes, clippers and shampoos, and treat your pet to a spa day at home. This will not only strengthen your relationship, but also reduce the cost of grooming.

6. Homemade Treats: Wholesome and Cost-effective

We all love treating our pets, but store-bought treats can be expensive. Instead, choose homemade recipes using simple ingredients like peanut butter, carrots and oats. Not only will your pet enjoy these delicious treats, but you’ll also save a lot compared to pre-packaged options.

pet supplies plus

7. Prescription Savings: Navigating Healthcare Costs

If your pet requires prescription medications, ask your veterinarian about generic options. Like human medicines, generic versions can provide the same quality and effectiveness at a fraction of the price. Additionally, some pharmacies offer pet prescription savings clubs that provide discounted rates on medications.

8. Community Connections: Pet Supply Swaps

Connect with fellow pet parents in your community for a possible pet supply swap. As pets grow, their needs may change, and things they have outgrown may be of great use to someone else. This not only helps you save money but also increases the feeling of camaraderie among pet lovers.

9. Pet Insurance Wisdom: Financial Safety Net

While not a direct savings hack, investing in pet insurance can prevent unexpected and costly expenses. Research and choose a plan that suits your pet’s needs and your budget. With insurance coverage, you can rest assured that your pet’s health is a top priority without draining your wallet during emergencies.

10. DIY Toy Marvels: Fun on a Budget

Toys are an integral part of your pet’s happiness, but they don’t have to break the bank. Make creative and DIY toys using items such as old T-shirts, tennis balls and cardboard. Your pet will love the personal touch, and you’ll treasure the savings.

In conclusion, being a responsible and caring pet parent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your finances. By incorporating these pet supplies plus hacks into your routine, you can ensure that your furry companions receive the best care possible while saving big on the items they need. Remember, a little creativity, resourcefulness and planning can go a long way in providing your furry friend a happy and comfortable life.

pet supplies plus
  • What comes under pet supplies?

Pet supplies include a wide range of products and items that meet the needs and well-being of a variety of pets. These essentials are designed to improve the lives of our furry, feathered, or scaly companions, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and comfortable. Pet supplies can be classified into several major areas:

  1. Food and Nutrition: High quality pet food is a fundamental requirement for your pet’s health. The range includes dry and wet food, treats, dietary supplements and special diets for pets with specific health conditions.

  2. Grooming and Hygiene: Grooming supplies are important for maintaining your pet’s appearance and overall well-being. This category includes items such as brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners, nail clippers, ear cleaners and toothbrushes.

  3. Bed and Comfort: Comfort is essential to your pet’s happiness. Things like pet beds, blankets, cushions and warm mats provide them with a comfortable resting place.

  4. Toys and Entertainment: Toys play an important role in keeping your pet mentally and physically engaged. This category includes chew toys, interactive toys, balls, puzzles, and feather wands.

  5. Health and Wellness: Pet health supplies ensure your pet’s medical needs are met. This includes items such as flea and tick treatments, anthelmintics, vitamins, first aid kits, and prescription medications.

  6. Housing and Containment: This category includes products such as crates, carriers, cages, aquariums, terrariums, and enclosures designed to provide a safe and secure living environment for your pet.

  7. Training and Behavior: Training helps teach the pet basic commands and manners. This includes items such as training pads, clickers, training collars, leashes and harnesses.

  8. Travel Accessories: Traveling with pets requires specific equipment, such as travel crates, car seats, travel bowls and safety harnesses.

  9. Apparel and Accessories: Pet clothing can provide protection from the elements and add style to your pet’s wardrobe. Accessories such as collars, tags and leashes also fall into this category.

  10. Litter and Waste Management: Essentials for pets that require a litter box, this category includes litter, litter box liners, waste bags, and scoopers.

  11. Aquarium and Reptile Supplies: For aquatic and reptile pets, this category includes aquariums, tanks, heaters, filters, terrariums, UV lights, and habitat decorations.

  12. Bird Supplies: Bird cages, perches, feeders and nesting materials are important to bird companions.

  13. Small animal supplies: Things like cages, beds, water bottles, and chew toys are essential for small animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

  14. Pet training and behavior aids: Things like training pads, bark collars and calming pheromones help shape your pet’s behavior.